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I wasn't always a budget coach guiding others towards financial peace. Not that long ago I was struggling myself, stuck in a cycle of living payday-to-payday and feeling powerless over my future and terrified of something happenig that would take more money than we had on our free on credit card. They didn't get us ready for this in school. Too many of us stumble into adulthood without the financial literacy we desperately need.

Frustrated by the constant stress and feeling trapped, I discovered something that changed everything: the YNAB app and a radically different approach to money. Within six months, my family's finances were transformed, and I saw firsthand the power of taking control. Now, fueled by a passion to help others break free from financial struggle, I became a budget coach.

Here's why I do what I do:

What I offer:

Your life can be better, less stressful, and financially secure. Let's start your journey together.